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Japan USO trip - June/July 2013


G'day from Australia! I love how you have set these pages out in dedication to the amazing Gary Sinise. I've really enjoyed the pics, gifs & especially the comments. Thank you for your wonderful work! I wanted to ask if you allow others to upload any Gary pics here? If you do, I have some that I had never seen before & thought you might enjoy them. Cheers!

And I haven’t enabled the ‘submit’ button on the page before.  Mostly because I never really thought about it, but I certainly can turn it on.  Because if you’ve got good pics I haven’t seen or don’t have, I WANT THEM!!! :D

Anonymous Asked:
Have you been to his concerts

I have, though not for a couple years.  I live in West Michigan so all the ones I’ve been to have been in the midwest region - USVAB a couple times, Great Lakes Naval Station (I’m a Reservist so I can go to his military concerts), Catigny Rockin’ for the Troops, and the EAA Airshow.  They’re a blast!  But if you ever get the chance to go, try to go an outdoor venue event as imo they tend to have better audiences (size and behavior).

Am I safe in assuming that, since in the week since I made that last text I haven’t gotten a single response of any kind, that small GS fandom existed, is basically non-existent?  I know the handful of you who are around, but my point is, it takes a fair amount of work to make quality edits and a lot of work to make quality gifsets.  And if all anything gets is like 4-10 notes, it hardly seems worth my time.  If I made some true edits (like actual edits, not just clearing up a screencap), would that generate any interest?  Would you guys like to essentially choose the content here through requests?  Or is that even relevant, and whatever small fandom existed is all but dead?


I wish I had more to post for you guys. Unfortunately for this blog specifically, right now Gary’s not doing much of anything except CSI: NY, and all pics and posts about that I blog over at MacTaylorPrecinct. He still does the occasional concert during filming, but there haven’t really been any…

Reblogging myself because I think it’s relevant and something that’s been nagging me.  I won’t ever shut this blog down because I know there are some of you in particular who truly are fans of this man.  But to say his fanbase on tumblr is miniscule is a bit of an understatement.  Not to mention like I said in the original post, he’s not really doing a lot of anything to post about.  Theoretically I could just keep throwing up the same re-hashed photoshoots, candid pics and stills that exist, but that’s tedious for me and you.  And considering how few notes his stuff gets, it’s a lot of work to make new quality edits and gifs (hell, even on the CSI: NY side of things, pic and gifsets of Flack get more notes than Mac posts).

So I guess I’m in a conundrum about what to do.  I could just keep up the recent trend that’s been forced on me anyway because of school and simply post the occasional new blurb that comes along.  Are any of you even interested in movie still edits and gifs that I could make when the semester is over?  And I don’t mean ‘interested’ by just saying ‘oh that’s nice’ when it shows up on your dash.  It’s very time consuming to make gifs, with original pic edits of his movies also challenging to do at this point given how old they are, and I’d like to know it would be a worthwhile expenditure of my time and energy.

If any of you have strong feelings one way or another, please send me an ask and let me know.

At San Anontio, TX and 29 Palms, SC (March 2013)

jeans and rolled sleeves…. yes please!

(and no, I don’t know what happened to his arm in the top pic. I’m going with that he got a bit too close to the grill trying to outdo Irvine ;) )

meeting and greeting at BAMC in San Antonio, TX (March 2013)


aww, he looks so small all squished into Robert Irvine’s hug :)


Because Austin and salvation toast has been gone from here for far too long indeed

Another pic from the same concert.  I so love how he always gets down to the level of the littlest kid.  It’s sooooooo sweet and adorable!

Another pic from the same concert.  I so love how he always gets down to the level of the littlest kid.  It’s sooooooo sweet and adorable!

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Playing a concert in Hawaii.  Have I mentioned how much I love that shirt and how open he keeps the neck….? ;)

Playing a concert in Hawaii.  Have I mentioned how much I love that shirt and how open he keeps the neck….? ;)




I love that he wore glasses for this movie so much I can’t even begin to say!

And right when I mention the lack of new pics, he does a concert and gives us *adorable* ones of him with kids on stage :)

(Hurlburt Field Air Force Base, Florida)